David Wood & Lady Bridwen

The POP/Dance Alternative with a Dash of Soul . . . for Witches.

If you like fun pagan music, the spooky atmosphere that Stevie Nicks creates with her music along with the vocal style of Alison Moyet, Erasure and Depeche Mode you will absolutely love David Wood and Lady Bridwen.

David Wood is a mainstream recording artist based in Columbus, Ohio. His music has been described by local media as the POP/Dance Alternative with a dash of Soul. Unabashed and often times unclothed, David has established a following in many different communities. From High Energy Dance music and Soulful ballads to the erotic and mystical, his music continues to appeal to a wide variety of audiences.

David has toured the national club circuit and performed at many festivals from his humble beginnings in 1990 to present day. He has continued to make himself available to such charitable groups as The American Cancer Society, where he performed with his dancers at the Ohio State University Horseshoe, The American Diabetes Association and the Columbus AIDS Task Force. Music has been written by David Wood for local television commercials and radio advertisements and he has managed to have small amounts of radio play and interviews with his original material.

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